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Revisiting the Military for

Business Insider, where I covered military and somewhat-related issues, was my first foray into strictly web journalism and a focus on page views. It was a great education, and I got to meet some very impressive people.

Here is a sample of my work there this fall:

My Time with the Big Red Dog

During summer 2012 I interned for two of the classroom math magazines Scholastic Inc. produces, Dynamath and MATH. It was the first time I’ve worked for monthly magazines. I did a mix of writing, fact-checking, copy-editing, and statistics compiling. My bosses and the rest of the staff were wonderful.

Here are links to some of the issues I have stories in:

In Dynamath: (I did the cover story!)

In MATH: (also page 2)

A Few of My Highest-Graded Class Assignments

IMG_0653These are some stories I wrote while pursuing my master’s in magazine writing at NYU.

A few stories–on the anniversary of 9/11, a restaurant that didn’t promote a promotion, Dress for Success, and men in tights (tight! tights)–from my Writing and Reporting Workshops:

9:11 Churchill




This, a reflection on the anniversary of my grandmother passing away and her influence on me, is from my Storied New York class:


An essay on my “favorite” magazine, and a travel magazine created with classmates for our Editor’s Vision class.


Anywhere But Here Outline

This is a sample of how the print magazine would look:

A Q&A on a rising starlet, for my Reporting the Arts: Pop Culture class:


And last but not least, an election night story for my Reporting American Politics: 2012 Election class:


In the Army…

I can’t say I was ever what one might call a “combat correspondent,” but in my nearly six years in the Army, I was fortunate to cover some historic events.

For example, I got to watch friends receive an Army-level safety award:


Instead of posting individual articles from my second deployment–a professional high point–I’m posting these newsletters to show off my layout, photography and writing skills (and in the case of the safety columns, editing skills). My boss, (now) 1st Sgt. Joe Thompson, designed the nameplate, and then handed the reins over to me.

Newsletter 09NOV2008 / Newsletter 7DEC2008 / Newsletter 9JUN2009 / Newsletter 07July2009

Stories from the Mineral Daily News-Tribune

At the News-Tribune, I wrote for the news and lifestyles sections, designed and edited the lifestyles pages, and took the photos to go with my articles. These are a few of my favorites.

Churchill Religion page Churchill Butler Wedding Churchill Miss GT